An Afternoon on the Tynemouth Coast

A few weeks ago we were invited by Barbour to spend an afternoon at the coast in Tynemouth, in the North-east of England. The sun shone (a little!) and the sea had it's ever-calming way with us as we watched the waves crash on the sand.  

Blue sky on Tynemouth beach.
Tynemouth coastline.
Texture in seaweed.
Incredible colour in the rock face on the Tynemouth coastline.
Rock pools on the Tynemouth coastline.
Tynemouth townhouses on the coast.
Sea and blue sky.
Sandy beach.
Looking over the old Lido on Longsands beach in Tynemouth.
The old Lido on Longsands beach at Tynemouth.
Rusty textures.
Sitting in the sand dunes on Longsands beach at Tynemouth.
Ship on the horizon at Tynemouth.
Birds in the blue sky.
Sand dunes on the Tynemouth coastline.
Bird footprints in the sand at Tynemouth.

Whilst we pretended it was summer for a day, the guys at Barbour photographed us working; you can take a look at the Behind the Scenes post on their blog with a little Q&A from us. (And many apologies as ever for our awkward faces!) 

Thanks to Barbour for the invite.