Berlin Botanical Garden

As we work through all of the photographs that we took over the weekend we thought we'd go back in time to what feels like forever ago (in fact it was only a matter of weeks) to our whistle-stop tour of Berlin. We ate plenty and walked for miles to see all that we could in our 2 days in the German capital - see our food/visit recommendations here. 

By now you know that we like a greenhouse or two and so it will come as no surprise that we had the Berlin Botanischer Garten right at the top of our 'must-see' list. After dropping our bags off at our hotel we got straight on the S-Bahn and headed see one of the world's largest glasshouse complexes with our own eyes. 

A lush, rich deep green wall/rockery situation full to the brim with ferns and the soggy-bottomed Cyperus. 

A spiralling Philodendron goeldii. 

I got in the shot here to show you just how tall these cacti have grown! 

The glasshouses here are expansive - we were a little worried when we first saw them as we thought we might miss a section with the place being so big! But, no. Once inside there is a very clear 'way' in which to explore the indoor gardens and we soon felt back in control of our exploration. 

It was impossible to show all of the photographs that we took of this incredible place, purely because there are so many, but hopefully we've given you enough of a taster to inspire your own visit. 

Entrance to the Berlin Botanischer Garten is €6 each. Here's another link to our other Berlin recommendations in case you missed it at the top.