Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Inside the glasshouse at Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

The Botanical Gardens in Birmingham are not to be missed. We flew by earlier this year and it ticked so many of our greenhouse boxes...

We walked into a steamy tropical house (notice my fogged lens in the first few frames - sometimes I like the mysterious atmosphere it brings) and are guided through palm-lined pathways, aerial roots hang from up high and a plethora of green tones filled our misted vision.  

A steamy glasshouse full of plants.
Inside the glasshouse at Birmingham Botanical Gardens.
Monstera Obliqua growing up a wall.
Plants on pink at Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

The walls come bathed in a peachy-pink colour which we're sure that Plants on Pink would approve of (if you don't already follow Lotte on Instagram we think that you should). 

Plant-filled display cabinet inside the Botanical Gardens.
Peachy pink wall.
Cyperus grass.
Palm trees for Plants on Pink in Birmingham Botanical Gardens.
Plants on pink at Birmingham Botanical Gardens.
Port-hole window in the botanical gardens in Birmingham.
Incredible garden views through a porthole window.

Snippets of the Japanese Garden peeked through the condensation on the port hole windows and asked for our attention outdoors where bamboo and bonsai line up ready for inspection. Here is held the National Japanese Bonsai Collection (in a 'tsubo-niwa' or 'garden-between-buildings') and what a beautiful space too. We'd LOVE to visit Japan and be let loose in some of their gardens... The closest we've been is the Japanese Garden in St Mawgan!

Japanese garden.
Japanese garden.
Japanese Haiku hanging wall art.

The Haiku here reads: 

Every bonsai

dreams of being a tall tree -

until the wind blows. 

Don Barnard 2005

Botanical beauty.
Fresh green planting in a Japanese Garden.
Japanese Garden.
Botanical beauty.
Greenhouse details.

And of course cacti, there are plenty of those! Tall towering trunks that look as old as anything, their spiky friends that are deceptively inviting and some very rude-shaped fellas at our feet.   

Cactus garden inside a glasshouse.
Cactus close-up.
Cactus close-up.
Cactus garden inside the glasshouse.
Indoor cacti garden at Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

The Birmingham Botanical Gardens are open every day except for Christmas Day and Boxing Day and entrance is £7 per adult (a discount is available for groups).

We recommend making a day of it and heading to Winterbourne House and Garden which we also visited - see the pictures on our blog post here.