Epic Walk Around San Francisco — a City Guide

Our time in San Francisco was short, we only had one full day so we had to make the most of it; for us that meant walking everywhere to take in the classic San Fran sights.

I just checked my Google timeline and we walked 17 miles on the day we spent in San Francisco. Our route was a big loop around the city from Union Square up to North Beach, across to the Golden Gate Bridge, down through the Golden Gate Park to Outer Sunset and then back to Union Square.

For good measure we also hopped on a cable car along with all of the other tourists, it wasn’t really worth the fare but you never know until you’ve tried it! We loved seeing the 'alternative' view of the Golden Gate Bridge and all the different styles of architecture - the colour palette of the houses made us think of ice cream and sugary sweets. The

Not photographed but very much enjoyed:

General Store


{ This post is part of our USA 2017 Trip }

San Francisco City Street
San Francisco Long Street
San Francisco Shadow
San Francisco Town House
Deep green.
San Francisco.
San Francisco Neo Gothic
Light on a wall in San Francisco.
San Francisco.
San Francisco Garden
San Francisco Shadows on the Street
San Francisco Harbour
San Francisco Alcatraz
San Francisco Water
San Francisco Shadows On the Wall
San Francisco Houses
San Francisco House
San Francisco House
The garden at General Store, San Francisco.
The Sunhouse at General Store, San Francisco.
The Sunhouse at General Store, San Francisco.
San Francisco Birds
San Francisco Bridge
San Francisco
San Francisco House with Tree
San Francisco Outdoor Planting
San Francisco.
Pink church in San Francisco.
Shadows in San Francisco.
San Francisco Painted Ladies
Victorian architecture in San Francisco.