The Haarkon House Plant Collection

Haarkon Bonsai Gingko Baloba Tree Plants Nature
Haarkon Cactus Succulent Crassula Plant Garden Nature Houseplant
Haarkon Monstera Cheeseplant
Haarkon House Home Plant Garden Indoor Crassula Money Plant Succulent
Haarkon Dracaena Dragon Tree Plant
Haarkon Plants Garden Dragon Tree
Haarkon Plants Family Greenhouse House Home Collection Garden
Haarkon Shadow Light Sun Plant Green Garden Leaves
Haarkon Light Leaf Sun
Haarkon Plants Family Portrait Copper Ikea Cactus
Haarkon Cactus Sun Brass
Plants Cactus Haarkon
Haarkon Agave Plant Cactus Gardening
Haarkon Plants Garden Green Houseplants Leaf Leaves
Haarkon Plants Spider Plant Umbrella Schleffera
Haarkon Rubber Plant Green Nature
Haarkon Plants Greenery Foliage Leaf Leaves Nature
Haarkon Plant Succulent Cacti Cactus Plants Garden
Haarkon Plants Light Sun Shadow Garden Indoor Jungle
Haarkon Cactus Plant
Haarkon Floating Forest Avacado Anastassiades Seed Stone Grow
Haarkon Plant Chair IKEA
Haarkon Plants Cactus Succulent
Haarkon Cactus Plant Monstera Cheeseplant Grow Nature
Haarkon Plants Garden Jungle Nature
Haarkon Leaves Green Himalayas
Haarkon Cactus Garden
Haarkon Plants Umbrella Schleffera
Haarkon Plants Ceramics Grey suit clay
Haarkon Plants Greenery Interior
Haarkon Brass Planter Pot Plant Ikea Jar Succulent
Haarkon Plants Leaves Leaf Green Palm
Haarkon Plant Foliage
Haarkon Palm Tree Leaves Plants
Haarkon Line-up Plants Family Green
Haarkon Plant Dragon Tree
Haarkon Terrarium Planter Plants Succulents
Haarkon Plants Tour Interior
Haarkon Plants Leaf

We started our plant collection a little over 3 years ago and we have no intention of stopping anytime soon. Some have grown from cuttings of cuttings, others made their way into our lives via garden centre visits and the rest just seem to have miraculously appeared out of nowhere. We favour foliage and our plant-palette is certainly leaning in the direction of the 70s classics; cheeseplants, umbrellas and rubbers - with a handful of Dragon trees too. 

Pots/planters featured: 

Pine pot : Dille & Kamille

Brass cone : Floating Forest by Michael Anastassiades

Sea foam ceramic planter with drip tray : Grey Suit Clay

Brass planter : The Garden Edit

Concrete geometric planter : Concrete Jungle


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