Houseplants and Ceramics

Houseplants and ceramics seem to come hand in hand. We have a variety of different pots and planters in different sizes and finishes (some are listed at the end of this post here) but recently we were treated to some absolute beauties from some very talented makers. 

First up is this glorious family of sandy-coloured pots by a local husband-and-wife team, Pottery West. The smaller guys in the middle are the perfect size for our cacti collection (some of which we bought at Oak Dene) and have a drainage hole underneath - they also fit rather neatly onto our black IKEA plates to keep them all together on our windowsills. We have a gang of these lining both our kitchen and bedroom windows. 

Ceramic pots with plants

The larger pots are all glazed slightly different colours on the inside and we love the subtlety of the palette. Against our white walls we think that these guys really soften the view - it's nice to move away from the stark clean white and get a little deeper into the neutral tones. 

Ceramic pot with grey glaze
Pottery West ceramic logo

Pottery West work from a studio near to us in Sheffield. Every thing that they make is wheel-thrown by their own hands and carefully fired in their kiln. I spent some time photographing their pieces for their website and fell in love. We also have a white-glazed vase that appears below. 

Visit the Pottery West website to learn more. 

Next is another Sheffield-based (aren't we lucky?!) ceramicist who makes incredible mugs that hold the perfect amount of tea. Other work includes these bespoke planters that were made especially for us in a creamy-kinda-sandy-colour and another version in plain old grey. Obviously we don't believe that grey is ever plain. 

Houseplant in a ceramic pot
Ceramic drip tray for plant pot
Grey suit Clay pottery logo
Ceramic plant pot

We unwrapped the deep bowl-shaped planters to find matching drip trays for them to sit in and of course a stamped maker's mark on the bottom. Again Grey Suit Clay hand-throw all of their work and I've been witness to the heartache caused by temperamental kiln so it really is a labour of love to make work this way. It seems only right for us to put that hard work to good use and fill our home with the results! 

Ceramic plant pot
Grey ceramic plant pot

Visit Grey Suit Clay's website to learn more and you might spot our photography again.

We're slowly trying to find suitable homes for all of our plants; some of our pots are from car boot sales or charity shops, others are just simple terracotta from the garden centre but what we really love is to support independent makers to build a collection of unique items that can stick with us for the long haul.