January Notes — Winter Sunshine

After a week away on the Norfolk coast we've landed right back into the swing of things. Here's a bit of peace and quiet from the last few weeks: 

A frosty sunrise at Burbage Bridge in the Peak District, Derbyshire.
Frosty Winter morning outdoors.
Frost-covered nature.
Forty winter morning in the Peak District.
Our little grey VW Polo being a trooper in the Peak District winter.
Winter roads in the Peak District.
Frozen winter foliage.
Sunrise over Derbyshire fields in the Winter.
A frosty Winter morning looking over Monsal Dale in the Peak District.
Winter walk alongside the mill pond at Shepherd Wheel.
Frozen winter foliage.
A frosty Winter walk alongside the mill pond at Shepherd Wheel in Sheffield.
Icy nature.
Lonely Winter tree at sunrise.
Morning sun through the hedgerow.
Golden hour light and shadows.
Winter sunset over the Humber Estuary.
Golden Winter light on frozen grass.
Tired old charming wooden shed.
Winter sunrise over frosty Lincolnshire fields.
Light and shadow on a sandy beach.
Wrapped up on the beach.
Winter sunrise over frosty Lincolnshire fields.
Winter sun on pond-side rushes.
A single swan floating on a pond in the Winter sun.
Frozen greenhouse in the Winter sunshine.
Our shadows on a winter walk by the river.
Winter sun reflecting on the water.

At the moment we're liking that we wake up to faint hints of a colourful sunrise that quickly turn into full-blown spectacular light-shows. We especially like when the ground is thick with a sparkling frost and the stillness that comes from it. Our morning walks and wanders have to come with an extra layer of clothing (not a problem, we love knitwear!) and we really appreciate our central heating when we return home. It's so interesting to see our familiar views change with the Winter season and we can't get enough of it. Bring on the fog and the mist and the cold cold temperatures please! We can always wear more layers.