We've been using the tag #RENATURE on Instagram for a while now and launched the RENATURE tote in our online shop but we thought we'd take some time to highlight it a little further with a blog post. 

Renature by Haarkon

What does 'renature' mean to us?

The dictionary definition goes like this:
— [of an organism] to return to it's original or normal condition

but we've taken it a little more broadly than that... 

— the act of reconnecting with nature i.e. re-naturing
— the symbiotic relationship of the organic and the built environment

To us, renature is the satisfaction of staring at the sea, it's why we like to surround ourselves with plants in our home, the reason we journey through forests at the weekend and the force behind our craving for light, space and fresh air. We go outside for 'a breather' and enjoy having 'the cobwebs blown off' in whichever direction the wind wants to. 

Renature by Haarkon

It's a concept that walks hand-in-hand with perspective; seeing an overgrown car park as a bountiful garden, finding pleasure in the smell after it rains and pretending that the sound of cars going past our window are the waves crashing on the shoreline. 

Renature by Haarkon

Renaturing doesn't take long to work it's magic and it doesn't have to manifest in some far-flung expedition, we can renature in seconds and feel the benefits instantly.