The Haarkon House - an Autumnal Update

Our latest Haarkon plant family portrait. 

Our latest Haarkon plant family portrait. 

Autumn has well and truly plonked itself in our lives and with it come the darker, much cooler evenings and the words "shall I put the heating on?" are passed between Magnus and I. We rent a 1 bed flat in a green Sheffield suburb and giant though it feels compared to our previous city-centre box, we still have to be pretty savvy about how we manage our space. Obviously filling it with so many plants doesn't really help the situation but it's nice to have a challenge right?!

Not using the radiators in the summer means that we are free to put our plants wherever we fancy (taking into account their individual needs of course) but once the time comes to flick that switch we jig it all around. Our radiators are next to the windows which means we need to find the sweet spot between making sure that the plants don't burn but also ensuring they get all the light that they need.

NB It takes a little while for us to know if a plant is happy in a new spot so the chances are that we've already jigged about the plant-layout in the time that it took us to write this post!

An indoor jungle.
Indoor jungle and plant shelves.
An indoor plant collection.

Luckily the sun likes to lie a little lower in the sky at this time of year and we find it throws itself through our windows; dances it's way over the walls in the morning and sprawls across the living room floor in the afternoon. 

Morning sun.
A cozy Sunday morning.
Tea and reading.
Gorgeous light and plants.
Plants in the kitchen.

Our kitchen is a simple white Ikea situation. It's not huge but it's got everything we need including our Monsteras and a fridge that makes funny noises. 

Right to left:  Grey Suit Clay , Grey Suit Clay,  Hasami  (back)  Nkuku , from  Rouge via Trouva , unknown (back) and  Jono Smart . 

Right to left: Grey Suit Clay, Grey Suit Clay, Hasami (back) Nkuku, from Rouge via Trouva, unknown (back) and Jono Smart

Close-up details of our ceramic mug collection.
A green corner of our kitchen.
A view into the kitchen.

Our bedroom is next on the tour; it's got the original built-in wardrobes from the seventies and enough room for us to walk around the bed. We recently painted the wall behind our bed a deep bluey-grey colour (B&Q call it Asphalt) and we LOVE it. I kinda want to paint the whole room to match so we can be cocooned in it but I'm not so sure that our landlady would approve...

A bright plant-filled bedroom.
Prints by  Jeremy Miranda

Prints by Jeremy Miranda

Shadow grey bedroom walls with plenty of plants.
Sunlight through palm leaves.
Grey bedroom walls with plant-shadows.
Grey bedding.
Bedside table with plants and candles.
Succulent window display.
Succulent windowsill display.
Cacti on the windowsill with copper details.

And while we're on the subject of grey walls... We gave the living room wall a slate grey makeover. Yes, grey is our favourite. 

Most furniture from  IKEA  

Most furniture from IKEA 

A vintage factory clock and palm plant.
Muji pen and Moleskine diary.
Indoor jungle.
Sheepskin from  Skyeskyns

Sheepskin from Skyeskyns

Living room plant display.
Plants and ceramics.
A plant-filled living room.
Geometric concrete planter by  Concrete Jungles

Geometric concrete planter by Concrete Jungles

Glass terrarium from  Not Another Bill

Glass terrarium from Not Another Bill

Brass cone by  Michael Anastassiades

Brass cone by Michael Anastassiades

A cosy autumn candle-lit evening.

When the sun sets we fire up the candles and turn on our lamps to give the house a warm glow. We flit between P.F. Candle Co. candles and incense with a bowl full of tealights for good measure.  

Plants and shadows.
Reclaimed industrial factory light.

As ever our home is a work in progress; we're not afraid to move things around and find ways that make it work for us. We believe that our home should be somewhere that we love to be and love to look at. There's no denying that we like to find inspiration on Pinterest (view our pins/boards here) but we like to be realistic about what we can live with day-in-day-out and seen as we don't live in some fancy high-ceilinged Tenement apartment or a massive old warehouse we'll just have to make do with what we've got.*

*What we've got happens to be a whole load of plants.