Weekend Notes - Welcoming September

A short post today to catch up on some odds and ends. We've been outdoors a lot lately and travelling up and down (and from side to side) around the country for various jobs - we may have managed to visit some greenhouses along the way... Updates on those will follow over the next few weeks as we untangle the photographs. 

The colours at this time of year are pretty special; rich and rusty and we've walked amongst them plenty. We love wandering to get some air and to see the changes in the big wide world and there's so much variety around us that we are spoilt for choice. 

Selina Lake's newest book Botanical Style flew through our letterbox to bring a bit of inspiration - it's reassuring to know that there are others out there that have a house full of the natural world! Our favourite chapters feature some great spaces and homes, including Selina's own living room (in every sense of the phrase!) 

Selina works through all different aspects of using botanicals in the home, from vintage florals, DIY terrariums and clever styling tips to advice on how to keep houseplants alive. 

Sneaking into the shot above is a recent purchase of mine; a beautiful mug made in Jingdezhen in China and a treat from Rouge in Stoke Newington via Trouva

Big news in our world. We finally gave in and trimmed our Schefflera. You might remember him from this post about our houseplants, where we realised that he had officially reached the ceiling. We decided to give him a trim and see what happens. Watch this space! 

We popped the top into water to see if that will take root to give us a new plant so that all his growing wasn't done in vain! The cushioned wire is to help him straighten out a little as he'd started growing along the ceiling at a right angle. 

As the seasons change we see a dramatic (and very welcome) shift in the way that light moves around our little flat. With the sun low in the sky it means that we get the morning sun trickling through the windows. The shorter evenings seem to have brought some stunning sunsets and we like to make the most of them by watching them over our hills. No complaints about the weather here...