A Woodland Walk on the Isle of Skye

This year our visit to Skye was an entirely different experience to the trip we took last year. I remember moorlands and hills and mountains and rivers and lochs and beaches and big big skies. The few trees that we saw flew past us as we drove to each checkpoint on our sight-seeing list and so this time (having got the touristy bit out of our systems) we put 'trees' right at the top of our agenda. 

We followed this walk (we used this website for locating walks alot and found it to be really useful, especially when it came to choosing appropriate footwear!) and couldn't get over the textures that we found in the woods. Lichen, moss and ferns adorned the trunks of the trees and carpeted the floor, accompanied by mushrooms and brambles and a million other green things that reminded us that the woods are much more than just trees.

I think that there's comfort in feeling a softness underfoot, that being under the canopy brings a certain sense of security and of course there's the familiarity of being surrounded by greenery. Yes, we like the woods.  

Deep green woodland on the Isle of Skye.
Tree textures in the woods.
Fallen trees in the woods.
Ginger plants in the forest.
Walking in the woods in Scotland.
Oxalis on the forest floor.
A trickling stream running through the woods.
Moss and fallen trees in the forest.
Woodland magic on the Isle of Skye.
Woodland textures.
Tall tall trees in a forest on the Isle of Skye.
Lichen and moss in the forest.
Tall trees in the forest on the Isle of Skye.
Fallen pine trees.
Woodland textures.
Tree rings.
Woodland on the Isle of Skye.
A wet Autumn in the forest on the Isle of Skye.
Fallen trees in the woods on the Isle of Skye.
Pattern made by fallen trees.
Ferns and bracken planted in the tree roots.
A moss-covered tree trunk in the forest.
Autumnal woodland textures.
Green mossy woodland textures.
Woodland souvenirs from the Isle of Skye in Scotland.