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Haarkon Greenhouse Tour

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We like greenhouses. We also like potting sheds, polytunnels and a plant-filled conservatory or two. We believe in allotment-mentality; that is making something with what you have and taking nature as it comes, understanding that it has a masterplan and that it can't always be neat and tidy. We travel far and wide to find indoor botanical spaces (think lean-to greenhouses, a plant-filled front porch as well as stand-alone glasshouses, pavilions and orangeries) that are dotted around the globe, we share our findings here and through the @Haarkon_ Instagram account. 

If you (or your neighbour, grandad, friend-of-a-friend) have a greenhouse or something similar that you think we'd like to visit and share (we can keep it anonymous) please feel free to get in touch no matter how big or small the space is, and in our books the wilder the better!