We like greenhouses... Well more specifically, we like the indoor areas where man and nature become one again; spaces that combine our love for architecture and design with a little horticulture thrown in for good measure.  The relationship between man and nature is complex and we like to think that a greenhouse is a brilliant way of exploring that connection — a reminder that humankind is part of the earth and always trying to hold on to that relationship. 

Our Greenhouse Tour began many years ago and we visited so many places before we decided to share them on this website (the pictures live in printed albums on our bookcases) but figured that other people might like what we like too and so decided to share it with the world here. 

Existing in all shapes and sizes, we love that the concept of a 'greenhouse' has been interpreted in so many ways throughout history and that there is no real 'normal' when it comes to what the structure looks or feels like. 

 We travel far and wide to find indoor botanical spaces (think lean-to greenhouses, a plant-filled front porch as well as stand-alone glasshouses, pavilions and orangeries) that are dotted around the globe, we share our findings here and through the @Haarkon_ Instagram account. 

All the greenhouses here are visited by us, photographed by us and we would never publish a visit on here if we didn't recommend it.