Béziers and the Fonserannes Locks — France

We’d never heard of Béziers before we booked a wedding on the northern outskirts and our research told us very little, aside from it having a thriving nudist community and a bit of a morbid history.

Located somewhere between Nîmes and Montepellier with a city-centre perched high on a hill we managed to find quiet streets with the quintessentially-French façades and film set patinas.

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We climbed to the top of the hill to see the Cathedral of Saint Nazaire and the views were nothing short of stunning. Something about the colours and light made the landscape appear like a painting.

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Beziers in the South of France by Haarkon
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Continuing our painterly tour we explored the area around Pont Vieux and the river Orb dazzled a gorgeous green in the September sunshine. We spotted herons, egrets, otters and the unmistakeable bright blue flash of a pair of Kingfishers.

As a fitting way to end our time in the south of France we made our way to the Fonserannes Locks to marvel at the 17th system to journey boats up and down the hill. There are 9 locks in total and we thought it a very apt way to finish our short but sweet engineering themed adventure in the Languedoc region.