The Mirrored LookOut at Loch Voil in Scotland

Continuing from where we left you last (Finnich Glen in the Highlands) we got back on the road and drove the long way around Loch Lomond towards the Skye Bridge, taking a bit of a detour to see Loch Voil. The views along the single-track road were incredible and if it weren't for the huge lorries we kept meeting along the way we would have hopped out of the car to show you some.

*Hats-off to Magnus for his driving skills*

We drove alongside the Loch for about 4 miles and came to the Monachyle Mhor Hotel where we parked up, walked back down the lane and started looking for what we'd come to see - which actually proved quite tricky. 


Autumnal colours of Scotland.
Incredible Autumn colours of Scotland - near Loch Lomond.
Dewy grass.
The mirrored LookOut on Loch Voil in Scotland.

The mirrored cabin at Loch Voil is pretty magical. It appears out of nowhere and seems to be there and not-there at the same time. The mirrors distort the surrounding scenery and it brings a really playful element to the landscape.

Mirrored landscapes in Autumnal Scotland.
Mirrored landscapes in Autumnal Scotland.
Mirrored cabin in Scotland in Autumn.
Autumnal trees in Scotland.
Wood cabin interior.
Selfie in the Loch Voil mirrored LookOut.
Mirrored Autumnal colours in Scotland.
Mirrored LookOut in Autumnal Scotland on Loch Voil.
Magnus photographing the mirrored lookout at Loch Voil in Scotland.

Designed by Angus Ritchie and Daniel Tyler as part of the Scottish Scenic Routes initiative for the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park. The initiative is a government-run scheme to challenge newly-graduated and qualified architects to punctuate Scotland's roads with beautiful 'interventions.' We think it's a pretty poetic idea and are grateful to Angus and Daniel for the extra views that we saw along our journey as well as their cabin at the end.   

Directions to the LookOut can be found here