National Botanic Garden of Wales

The fifth and final greenhouse on our list for our roadtrip through South Wales was at the National Botanic Garden of Wales, near Carmarthen. You might feel that the glasshouse (pictured above) looks a little familiar because it was designed by world-renowned architects Foster + Partners - the great minds behind the roof at King's Cross railway station, London City Hall and also the British Museum. Aptly named 'The Great Glasshouse' the incredible elliptical building is the largest single-span in the world. Wowzers. 

Tucked neatly inside the walled garden is a Butterfly House. We know that when we here those two words, there will almost always be tropical/sub-tropical plants to make the butterflies feel at home and of course we weren't wrong. 

The National Botanic Garden of Wales costs £9.75 to enter (for an adult with Gift Aid).