Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

UPDATE: We featured this greenhouse in our book Glasshouse Greenhouse with ALL NEW photographs. Order your copy via this link. 

Glasshouse Greenhouse book by Haarkon.
Haarkon Glasshouse Edinburgh Botanic Garden Architecture
Haarkon Greenhouse Glasshouse Plants Nature Foliage Garden Botanic
Haarkon Glasshouse Edinburgh Garden Fern
Haarkon Green Nature Plant Edinburgh River Waterfall
Haarkon Leaf Plant Garden Edinburgh Green
Haarkon Glasshouse Pond Lily Pad
Haarkon Green Pond Glasshouse Reflection Dew Drop
Haarkon Plants Garden Botanical Edinburgh
Haarkon Architecture Structure Building Glasshouse Steel Window Weather Rain Plant
Haarkon Window Rain Wet Glasshouse
Haarkon Cactus Glasshouse Arid Cacti Edinburgh
Haarkon Cactus Succulent Bowl Sedum Lithops Rockery
Haarkon Glass Architecture Building Steel Autumn Tree
Haarkon Cactus Cacti Outdoor Garden Botanical
Haarkon Architecture Edinburgh Building Garden
Haarkon Cactus Cacti Green Glasshouse
Haarkon Plants Garden Edinburgh Copper Leaf
Haarkon Foliage Green Edinburgh Botanical Garden
Haarkon Vine Leaf Nature Plant Edinburgh Concrete Moss
Haarkon Bench Structure Design Edinburgh Garden
Haarkon Concrete Edinburgh Bridge Architecture Nature Garden
Haarkon Tree Plant Bark Colour Autumn
Haarkon Birch Eucalyptus Tree Bark Trunk
Haarkon Autumn Copper Tree Bark
Haarkon Structure Edinburgh Building Glasshouse Architecture Design Garden
Haarkon Edinburgh Glasshouse Botanic Garden Plants Font Type

The Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh is home to 10 glasshouses; each one a controlled climate to suit it's inhabitants, which span from moisture-loving ferns to arid desert Cacti. The steel/glass skeleton of the garden is as much a thing of beauty as those that live inside and offers a different experience with each visit.